Stress therapy for Alexandra

Yesterday drove through 250km of snow and blizzard on the insistent request of my mate, who apparently needed some variety to clear her head off the eider thoughts. If anybody does not know, she is intensely working on a book on the relationship between humans and eider ducks. Sometimes that results in brain overheat, thus the need for a cooling trip once in a while.

Saw just one accident near Monchegorsk. One is surprisingly few given the road conditions. Next morning we notice it in the Youtube, and our car is there too!

[The video is down as of July 2018.]

It seems that the part of the St. Petersburg to Murmansk highway that passes by Monchegorsk consistently meets traveller with bad weather conditions. Things cleared a bit as we approached Murmansk.

On our way we made a detour to a small Saami settlement 37km South from Murmansk. About that I’ll write in my next post.

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Stress therapy for Alexandra — 2 Comments

  1. FYI, Your video link is down.

    Also, I have been enjoying your blog immensely.
    My mate and I live in Seattle, WA, incidentally, and are keen to visit this region in the near future (nothing firm yet). We or I will contact you when this time draws nearer.

    Thank you for the excellent information, humor, photos and insights.
    -Tulley Straub

    • I look forward to seeing you here. In the meantime don’t hesitate to contact me with question or requests. – Pasha

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