Succumbed to the temptation..

A finger bitten by a sharp-toothed baby seal


Today I’ve succumbed to the temptation to feed baby seals. These come ashore once every couple of years by the canal from the Niva cascade of hydroelectric stations opening into the Kandalaksha bay in the west end of the city. The rather fast water flow from the canal brings oxygen, which attracts herring, which, in turn, brings in adult seals with their babies. Adults catch their own fish. Babies come to the shore and get fed by people. One of classic Kandalaksha entertainments. We could not resist..

All we could offer them was frozen blue whiting.


It was treated more as a toy than food.

Fresh herring is much preferred to blue whiting..

These teeth are sharp! The ironic thing was that all-knowing Alexandra has warned me that they bite just before the event consequences of which are shown in the very first photo took place.


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Succumbed to the temptation.. — 2 Comments

  1. Still, bite & all, a very lovely experience, yes? The pictures and story has me yearning to see something like that out of my backyard. Blessed are you!

  2. As much as I’d like to make a drama out of the bitten finger story, I confess the critter’s sharp teeth didn’t hurt a bit. The baby seals are unbearably cute. May and June are when they are here, and this was the first time in three years they’ve come, so if you want to see them you’d better hurry up.

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