A summary of the Kandalaksha accommodation scene

To make you search for a place to stay easier I’ve made this one-page summary of what’s available in Kandalaksha and its immediate vicinity. See Categories in the left-hand sidebar for accommodation at locations other than Kandalaksha in the Murmansk Region and North Karelia.

A room from Uncle Pasha, the owner of this site >> The cheapest accommodation option in all of Kandalaksha!! Belomorye Hotel >> As central as it gets! Cross Mountain Hotel >> Close to nature!!
Guest House in Kolvitsa >>. 25km East from Kandalaksha along the South coast of the Peninsula. Comfortable dacha-type environment. Short-term apartment rental >> Greenwich Hotel >>
SUAL Aluminum Smelter hotel >>. At Niva-3, in the outskirts of the town. Doubles as health resort. Real estate agencies >> Pomor Star >>. Reputed to be the most “fun” place.
Kanda-Viking Camp >>. 27km South of Kandalaksha. New  Free accommodation in exchange for English conversation practice >>  The Train Station Hotel/Hostel/cafe 

Guest house in the Volostnaya hill overlooking the Kandalaksha Bay and the city.


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  1. Very interested by advices about Hiking in KOLA for a group of 6 retired but still strong to hike.
    from 16th of july for 10 days.
    Thank you

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