Looking for accommodation in Lovozero, Murmansk region. A case study.

By Alexandra

1In my romantic 13, when I wanted to become a vet, if someone was to tell me that I will end up organizing tours, I would consider such a silly idea not worth even being laughed at. But God works in mysterious ways. Having bound myself up with PV I got immersed into a peculiar area of private foreigner travel to Russia. A funny subject.

To me tourists travelling as an organized herd along a set route (Kremlin-Hermitage-Volga-the-great-Russian-river) are of little interest, and I would not myself explore the world that way. On the other hand it is hard to imagine how a foreigner can travel through Russia without a babysitter, in which capacity PV offers himself. The more I live, the more respect I develop towards an occasional freak that manages to avoid both joining an organized herd and using a babysitter.

Here, let us consider our trip to Lovozero..

Lovozero, founded over 400 years ago, if often called the center of Russian Lapland and the center of Saami – the indigenous people of the Kola Peninsula.

A great number of sports and tourist routes starts at Lovozero.

In the local museum and in the National Cultural Center one can get acquainted with history, culture, and lifestyle of Saami, and also to buy national clothing, household items and other articles by Saami masters.

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Accommodation in the Kuzreka village

  • A small one-room woodstove-heated bright red house right on the river. Great view. No shower. Indoor toilet opening right into the river. Tel. +7 911 326 30 78, +7 911 323 19 02. Natalya Kogina


  • Bath, barbecue grill, fishing, tours, equipment rental. A project by Umba-Discovery. Tel. +7 911 328 14 00.
  • gest_house_kuzrekaA two-story house, fireplace, wood stove, gas. 500-700 roubles per person per night, depending on the number of guests. Linen, dishes, kitchen utensils included. Motor boat rental 2500 roubles/day. Tours. Alexey Buyanov, no telephone, no e-mail, contact him through his VK page.