Auto service

Land Rover is one of the most environmentally friendly cars you can find. It puts the oil back in the earth.

The situation with auto repair here sucks big. As an owner of an old British jeep designed to test owner’s patience and to keep the repair industry afloat I find myself in an intense and prolonged predicament here.

No, I cannot recommend a specific garage or a service center. If your car is down, feel free to ask, and I just may be able to issue some constructive advice. With some luck you’ll leave Kandalaksha under your own steam but no, this town may have its share of artists and literati (see eg. but no auto mechanics in numbers anywhere near enough to look after a population of 40 thousand with at least one decaying car per household.

I should add opening a proper list repair shop to the list of business niches screaming to be filled. Done. Here is a new category that I’ll call Business scene. There I’ll list opportunities screaming to be filled.

The closest place where you can realistically get your car fixed is Murmansk, and here is a summary of what I’ve been told or dug up about the auto repair scene there.

Car parts and repairs in Murmansk and immediate area

A semblance of proper auto service seems to be available only in Murmanks or immediate area. If your vehicle breaks down elsewhere, have it dragged to Murmansk. Here is a compilation from various sources, of which I of course give priority to personal recommendations, from LandRover Diesel owner’s point of view. From a fellow motorist in a roadhouse cafe near Kandalaksha:

  • Krasnaya Gorka, between Kola and Murmansk
  • The city of Murmansk, at the intersection of Ulitsa Khlogystova and ul. Ivchenko. Said to be good and cheap.
  • Car Market “Pribrezhny”.  A cluster of repair shops and parts dealers who brings stuff over from Finland, said to be the biggest in the region. Ul. Pribrezhnaya, open daily but most of the activity happens before noon.

A scan of Murmansk adds and forums gave me the following:

  •  Auto-Help 24. Specialize in diesel engines. Open 24 hours. Ul. Kapitana Orlikova 53a,  (8152) 60-10-60
  • Nevsky, ul. Alexandra Nevskoya 6, (8152) 20-15-00, (8152) 20-17-00. Position themselves as “specializing in foreign makes”. Positive feedback.
  • Avto-Lekar,  Murmanks, ul. Geroyev-Rybach’yego 16, korpus 5, (8152) 53-69-09
  •  A huge place, used parts.
  • Detal’. Seem to specialize in trucks. Ul. Kooperativnaya 4,  (8152) 23-69-91
  • Diesel Service. High-pressure pumps. Ivchenko 15. THIS SEEMS TO BE THE “GOOD AND CHEAP” SERVICE RECOMMENDED ABOVE. Tel.: (921) 284-97-55
  • Omega Motors, 8152) 23-93-20. Seem  to specialize in electric work.
  • Mustang, Shosse Vostochno-Obyezdnoye 214. Another place apparently specializing in electrical work. Tel.: (8152) 43-98-64
  • Pit Stop. Specialize in diesel engines. Ul. Zoi Kosmodem’yanskoy 2, stroyeniye A, (8152) 60-66-07
  • Tsentralnaya Avtoremontnaya Masterskaya, ul. Kolkhoznaya 16, (8152) 78-80-01

A small Murmansk-based LR owners club:


  • A small Murmansk-based LR owners club:
  • Official LandRover dealer, Transportnaya 14, (815-2)400-807