Pomor boats from Umba

Classic Pomor boats are made or till recently used to be made in Umba. These are real things used in the Pomor Rowing Regatta held in the middle of June every year in Umba. I’m interested in getting a hold of one of these myself, and will be checking if the old boat maker is still in business..

Sleighs from Luvenga

Children’s sleigh

Vasily Ivanovich, a craftsman who specializes in sleighs, lives and works is in Luvenga. His material of choice is plywood reinforced with fiberglass.

Lapland sleigh, to be pulled by a reindeer or a horse, is in the process. The sleigh is like a boat and can easily be pulled through shallow water or across streams, unlike its Russian counterpart.

If I fail to replicate the trick I pulled in Moscow in the 90s and then in Staritsa, Tver region, in early 2000s, and there is no response to my attempt to attract travellers here I will seriously consider joining Vasily Ivanovich in making sleighs and boats.

Vasily speaks fluent German, has a car, and a lot of experience setting up “toughing it” type tours. Talk to me and I’ll put you in touch.