“Russian brides” from Igor Cherski

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-4l1kA6Kp1Ls/UzgqJKrR-iI/AAAAAAAAAis/TzoSpxTAE_c/w604-h339-no/25.jpgThe subject, although not as wildly popular as before, remains among top search phrases. The market however is dominated by the biggies (anastasiadate.com and the like – see a compilation in my neglected and nearly abandoned where.cheap-moscow.com) that quickly teach all parties to view the search as an end in itself. Women are having fun and get free trips. Men are losing money and creeping towards the heart attack or stroke at the rate slightly higher than what was intended by the Almighty. Dating site owners are making $$ although, knowing the industry from inside, not as much as they appear to. And I get yet another piece of evidence that we are dead and in hell, which is my pet explain-it-all theory.

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