Nature trails in and near Kandalaksha

kandalaksa_ecotropOne of them begins just outside the east end of the city (“Japan”) and ends at the famous Kandalakshsky labyrinth. Three kilometers of rough terrain and mosquitoes.

kolvica_ecotropThe other one, 12km long, starts at the the village of Kolvitsa (Kolvica), 25km east from Kandalaksha. The main attraction of this trail is the Cherny Padun (Black Fall) rapids with its 10m drop.

Both trails set up with the help of volunteers organized by Lyudmila Alexandrova of the Tourist Information Center of Kandalaksha.

Photos of these trails are on and in newpaper Niva. Ekodozor is a youth environmental group in Kandalaksha especially active in setting garbage removal.