The Zhirinovsky of Finland


Hemmo Koskiniemi of the “True Finns” party?

I was asked to comment on a piece of news that Finland wants to join Russia. It didn’t take long to find the source. It is The Voice of Russia radio. That all the world wants to join USSR or at least live like there was a standard line in the Brezhnev days. The same idea seens to be put in circulation now. I actually know an Australian, gentle, good-natures, and and with not a hint of dimentia, who is jubilant over the Crimea invasion and West’s inability to convincingly respond. (Hi John B., I mean you!) History made its full circle, no big deal, relax, this world is more of a loop than a line. OK, a spiral perhaps, but its turns are hardly distinguishable for us short-lived mortals. No big deal that is unless you are caught in its wheels.

Lapland (Northern Finland)

I’m adding to my list to be checked out later but at a glance it offers on their end the same in-depth tourism I was trying to do on ours. But site looks suspiciously too smooth to be graded as authentic. Perhaps someone will do the homework instead of me… Oh, there is the explanation: a note the the bottom left that seems to imply EU funding. I want it too!

Leverage From The Eu