The Book of Memory. Victims of repressions, Murmansk region.

The Book of Memory. A List of Repressed Residents of the Kola Peninsula, and of Foreign Citizens Living in the Murmansk Region. By Murmansk Region Administration, Federal Security Service, and Murmansk Regional Historical and Educational Society “Memorial”, Murmansk, 1997.

Our friend and colleague Boris Gureyev, who runs the Kandalaksha site,has a copy this rare book that is not likely to be published again. Tell us if you want to check for any names. Lots of Germans, Finns, and probably Czechs perished here.

See also graves and cemeteries elsewhere on this site.

German cemeteries

(1) Near Old Salla (now occupied by evil Russkies) but access is physically possible summers only, and foreign travellers require permits. Speak with the Salla Tourist Information office about getting such a permit.


(2) Near Lupche-Savino, 7km north west from Kandalaksha. Burried here are interns from Schlesien (Silesia) and East Brandenburg.