Painter Vasily Shul’zhenko, a connoisseur of Russian gloom

Alternative English spelling, with “soft sign” omitted: Shulzhenko. Original: Василий Шульженко.

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Unlike his namesake Vasily Lozhkin (Василий Ложкин) from Solnechnogorsk, Shulzhenko’s is not into light irony exactly. Quite the opposite: his art is 100% dark and gloom, which of course gets the author the title of Russophobe and very little local exposure. He mostly sells in the States.

Above is your typical Lozhkin. Below is an equally typical Shul’zhenko. See the difference? One finds joy in just about any situation. The other one seeks out and emphasizes the anti-esthetics of local living, without anything thrown in for balance.

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