Sami Art Gallery – an announcement on behalf of the Lovozero Sami community

The Sami Art Gallery is looking for a home and sponsors interested in promoting the Saami culture to help it happen!

Painter N.G Lyashenko (Nadia Fenina)

Painter N.G Lyashenko (Nadia Fenina)

Valentina Sovkina – the chairperson of the Sami parliament of the Kola Peninsula would like to announce the creation of art gallery “Sapmi” and is looking for people interested in implementing and supporting the idea.

In the plans: 
– A permanent exhibition of Sami painters and craftsmen
– A migrating exhibition
– Design solutions, installations, and interesting ideas
– Sales, presents, charity

Organizers: The Fund of Sami Inheritance and Development, Kola Sami Radio, and Kuellnegi Neark Sam Sobbar (Sami Parliament of the Kola Peninsula), and Chepes Sam (organization of Sami craftsmen and artists – more >>).

The organizers are ready to meet and discuss your proposals and ideas during the Summer Sami Games in Lovozero on June 13 2015.

Or write to Valentina Sovkina to (and you are welcomed to send a copy to me to for an on-the-fly translation).

The Sami art gallery starts with paintings by Sami artists and artists who like the Sami culture and traditions. These are presented in the gallery Sami Art Gallery on Valentina Sovkina’s Facebook page. Valentina is buying painting by Sami artists in hope that these pieces will soon find a permanent home where they could be seen by all.

Below are several paintings from the future gallery from Valentina’s collection:

"Shaman's Dance" by Nadezhda Lyashenko, the village of Shonguy

“Shaman’s Dance” by Nadezhda Lyashenko, the village of Shonguy

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30th anniversary Summer Saami Games, June 13, Lovozero

The celebration will be held by the Popovskoye lake of the Lovozero village, 220km from Kandalaksha.

In the program: folk groups, national sports competition: throwing the loop over horns, arbalet shooting, running with a stick, rowing, and Saami women’s football.


Saami women’s football. Photo by Oleg Filonok

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International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs, Russia interest articles

 Indigenous people of the Far North. Current numbers in thousands

Indigenous people of the Far North. Current numbers in thousands.

Alexandra has just discovered and called to my attention their website that writes, among other things, about Russian north. Here are two examples of recent Russian-interest articles: