The migrant situation getting worse in the meantime after Finland has recently refused letting these people in. About 100 of Arab and African migrants are now stuck in Kandalaksha, many without money or winter clothing, according to this report by TV-21 of Murmansk:

During a small protest demonstration (shown in the video above) they asked for donations of food and warm clothing. on Mid-eastern refugees in Kandalaksha. Fame in Russia and Finland!

refugeesNoticed an article on the flow of Eastern (Syrian, Afghan, North African etc.) refugees trying to get into Finland via Kandalaksha on the site of, a major Federal-level monthly. We are becoming famous! The only sad thing is that I’ve had not a single request to act as a “guide” – a job that pays, according to Snob, $1500 per trip. Only a couple of accommodation request from people with Middle Eastern sounding names that didn’t show up anyway.

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A crowd of 500 Syrian refugees said to be at the Borisoglebsk border-crossing point

syrian-refugees-with-bikesThere are reports (see for one of them) of quite a crowd of Syrians (real or otherwise) gathered at the Borisoglebsk (Boris-Glebe) border-crossing point near Pechenga. The Russian authorities don’t let them to the Norwegian side apparently because the refugees are on foot while the border-crossing is intended for those with a vehicle, even if it’s a bicycle – all of which have been bought out in Pechenga. Temperatures there are around freezing point, and many of those seeking entry into Norway are getting sick.