A fine for expired metamizole in auto’s first-aid kit

first-aid-kitFinnish custom officials fined a couple crossing the border to finland at Salla an equivalent of $20 for having a few tablets of outdated metamizole (a very common analgetic in Russia) in their car’s first-aid kit.

Apparently expired medicines are legally classified as “hazardous waste” in Finland, with all the consequences.

Guess all that Syrian migrant business made the normally calm Finnish border patrol guys irritated and over-zelous in performing their duties.

Story found at www.nord-news.ru

Salla border crossing

Surprisingly empty and hassle-free except the new rule is NO FOOD.

At the moment the rule is not enforced but..

There are stories of cars being checked for emission and tire ware but a well-maintained 20 year old car will usually go through.

As I understand the rules, 50kg of good per person, with no item more than 35kg, can be transported across the border. Customs officers are not fanatical about enforcing this limit though, not for the moment.

Two more warnings based on what people say. First, there may be lineups around holidays. Second, paperwork for heavy items can take hours to complete.

Oh, no pets.

More stories, I’m sure, as I travel to Finland more.