More on Salla to Kandalaksha by public transport

At the moment I’m working, with progressing desperation, on finding a ride for a fellow who needs to get from Salla to Kandalaksha on Monday, July 16. Here are some notes on my progress, shared in hope they may be useful to travellers.

It turns out that most passenger vans make their runs towards the weekend, leaving Thursdays or Fridays, and the traffic is generally down in the summer. Last time I undertook a search like that on March 2 2018. Here is some additional information: 

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More talk about the Kandalaksha to Finland via Salla road

The original text from an unknown source, recived from Alexandra, is below. Not important enough to to translate but I’ll keep it for the record. The point is something is brewing.  In spite of famous Russian inefficiencies A LOT of talk usually preceeds something or other happening. ..

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