Vitishko on hunger strike, friends/family raise funds

Just got a request to announce that his friends and family are raising funds. Yandex money account: 410012177141628. PayPal:

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Evgeni Vitishko

5539I’ve mentioned the story before. See here. Yesterday Vitishko was sent to prison for three years for writing a couple of wrong words on wrong guy’s fence. For more see and It is in Russian but if does not help I will.

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The Evgeni Vitishko story. Is a boycott of Sochi Olympics brewing?

My environmentally-concerned friends are telling me about possible/likely imprisonment of an ecologist activist Evgeni Vitishko. Vitishko spray-painted a fence constructed around Krasnodar governor Tkachev’s dacha build on public land and in a protected forest near Sochi. That got him cited under “causing significant property damage”.

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