Souvenirs with style and quality

anna_razumovskaya_1I’m pleased to present these Northern flowers of stone by Anna Razumovskaya..

Anna is a professional botanist working at the Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg. The North is the area of her field works and her passion. Anna makes jewelery on “northern” subjects using local materials.

Here are some samples of her work:

The piercing days of September, the time of the last riot of tundra colours, and the vivid beauty of ripe berries still keeping the summer heat – that’s the idea of Anna tried to express through the language of lace in her “Cranberry” composition above.

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The Bartash Family: Amethyst Coast Souvenirs, Workshop, and more

Ul. Nagornaya 60, 8 921 151 3991 or 8 921 667 5920 (as dialed from within Russia). I think its owners, the Bartosh family (Ludmila, Oleg, and Ksenia), speak passable English. Oleg and Ludmila are both mining engineers but in difficult perestroyka years they have condescended to making jewels and selling them to tourist. And that’s what they do now.

Their specialization is ametyst and items made of it.

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Vestiments shop one page summary

Today they ordered me an advertising text for the upcoming trade expo in Kirovsk or Apatity or whatever. As usual I ended up with a complete rewrite instead of a translation. I like them and what they do, and am happy to make my humble contribution to promoting them. Here is the text of the leaflet in the making:

Through epochs and generations

Gold embroidery – that’s what we are about.

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