East and West Conceptions in Presentation of the Kola Sámi Culture. Feb. 7, Tromsø City Library, Room B0014, Grønnegata 94, Tromsø, Norway.

samiReprinted from Anna Afanasyeva’s facebook.

“We invite you to the seminar and discussion on presentation and image of the Kola Sámi people in Russia, which often appears in different published works during the recent 20 years.

Since the fall of the iron wall in 1989 when Russia became an open country, the interest to the Sámi in Russia increased. Many scientists, journalists and photographers have worked to explain and describe the Kola Sámi culture in Russia. However, the community members themselves have had little opportunity to participate in these discussions.

The panel debate on Kola Sámi situation during the seminar will bring together different actors in the field of research, Barents cooperation and the Kola Sámi community representatives in order to discuss the position of the Sámi community in Russia and give voice to those, who have rarely been heard before.”

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