The pyromania season

All these Attilas, Ghengis Khans, and Tamerlanes roamed the Eurasian steppe looting, raping, and of course burning what they could not haul off. Their descendants live in cities and take a shower daily but will still set dry grass on fire every freaking spring.

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flagIt’s a frenzy of “patriotism” and flags sell like hotcakes.

This one was noticed in a alterations shop. The price, 1500 roubles, is about $45. Yes, $45 for a synthetic made in China Russian flag.

Demand for patriotic paraphernalia is usually followed by a serious for coffins and assoicated stuff. That may be the business to get into. Tourists, off whom I’ve been making a living for the last 18 years, are unlikely to come here in any number, and the few clients I’ve been lucky to get don’t form any dissernible pattern except that they’ve all fallen for the “no job too small, few too weird” line, the second part. Can’t build a strategy around it. Coffins may be the next hot item.

Off to a vodka-drinking session with local liberal intelligentsia

alko_2The subject of the meeting will be what’s to be done under current circumstances. To reiterate: it is a leader whose sanity can be doubted, a circle of yes men around the top dog, and a population whose support for an array of scary policies and actions is steadily growing. The view I’ll advance and defend in tonight’s vodka drinking session is probably not the most brave and honourable but these days, thank heaven, there are no girls I need to impress. I’ll propose and argue that more >>