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Recently I’ve been seeing lots of active advertising for Russian visa support by LLCenter, looked at and explored their site, liked what I saw and am sharing it with you, a potential travellers to Russia.

At you’ll find both comprehensive Russian visa information, clearly presented, and specific offers to make it real.

The service is geared towards those who prefer to make the visa invitation and registration business online.

I’m happy to say not much has changed in the last 2-3 years, after I stopped actively providing visa support and registration. Those who don’t want to be hassled exploring the system are still welcomed to talk to me about their visa support and related needs.

More hassles promised for foreign travellers to Russia

no-entry-to-foreignersRecent (January 2015) rule from the Federal Migration Services makes it mandatory for travellers to supply a list of all places they plan to visit, where they will get registered, and by whom.

Up to now incoming tourists could register without specifying in advance the exact time and place they will be in, which gave them considerable freedom to make their itinerary as they go.

No wonder there is a significant drop in tourists travelling to Russia.

I’d very much like to hear how the new rule looks from the travellers’ point of view, what extra documents are now required, and in exactly what way the procedure to obtain the Russian visa has been made more difficult.

Found on Eye on the Arctic.

Kirkenes to Murmansk ferry

Farmers transport their cows on a boat over the Koenigssee lake in front of the famous church Saint Bartolomae during a traditional Bavarian cattle drive on October 9, 2010 in Koenigssee, Germany. The cattle drive (Almabtrieb) is an annual event in the alpine regions in Europe, referring to a cow train in autumn. In many areas the cows are decorated elaborately, and the cow train is celebrated with music and dance events in the towns and villages.

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Unconfirmed rumours, source unknown..

Norwegian cruise company Hurtigruten announced that a shuttle ferry will soon start going between Kirkenes and Murmansk. It will be used for one-day tours, mostly for Norwegian tourists. This ferry is to go to Pechenga soon too.

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