A compilation of sources on Vitishko, Olympic games etc.

For the last while site stats have been showing Evgeny Vitishko and related stuff among top searches.

Below are local sources on the subject. They are all in Russian. Run then through an on-line translator but if a fragment looks interesting just ask and I’ll quickly translate it manually and try to give it readable form.

Northern Caucasus Eco watch: http://ewnc.org/

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The Evgeni Vitishko story. Is a boycott of Sochi Olympics brewing?

My environmentally-concerned friends are telling me about possible/likely imprisonment of an ecologist activist Evgeni Vitishko. Vitishko spray-painted a fence constructed around Krasnodar governor Tkachev’s dacha build on public land and in a protected forest near Sochi. That got him cited under “causing significant property damage”.

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