Some notes on mailing addresses, telephone codes, and postal codes

The postal code of Kandalaksha: 184040 to 184056. If you don’t know what it is, use 184040.

No need to use Russian characters but it is safer to clearly indicate which is street number (building=dom), and which is apartment (kvartira), or else a misunderstanding is likely. Note the designation what goes before (rarely after) the street name. Usually it is “ul.” (ulitsa=street) but it can also be “prospekt” or “naberezhnaya” (“riverside”) or something else. Ul. Lenina and Prospekt Lenina are different!

An example of an address:

184041 Murmanskaya oblast
g. Kandalaksha
ul. Lenina dom 15, kv. 48
Ivanov I.P.

It also helps, especially when sending a parcel, to write the recipient’s phone number on it. Then the post office ladies can just call instead of leaving one of these little “your parcel is waiting” notices that require them to take a walk to the address.

The telephone area code of Kandalaksha is 81533. It is preceded by the country code, which is 7, and followed by the local number, eg. +7 81533 22222.

Local land line numbers have 5 digits.

Mobile phones have 10-digit numbers after the country code, eg. +7 921 333 3333. This applies country-wide.

If calling from within the country, use 8 instead of 7, eg. 8 81533 22222 (land line) or 8 921 333 3333 (mobile).

If calling landline from the same area, just the local number (seven, five, or even three digits) is likely to work.

Internet telephony normally won’t work well. Don’t bother with it.

Corection: Recently I found Skype to work better than telephone. Just turn off pictures that eat up bandwidth.

E-mail works flawlessly. The problem is of the cultural sort. We Russian will often or even usually ignore it, especially if it’s something business or official. If you need a prompt reaction, the procedure is to call first, then to send an e-mail, and telephone the next day. Only then the chance of your getting a meaningful response are above negligible.


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  1. Нет. Много вариантов индексов в зависимости от улиц, от 184040 до 184056. У нас на Кировской 184041. Если на деревню дедушке, в Кандалакшу вообще, лучше 184040

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