gloomy_smSunrise is at 1:11pm and sunset is at 2:25pm tomorrow. Humidity is close to 100%. Went to the local history museum today. There they insist people came here eight thousand years ago. I wonder what could have motivated these losers back then, when there was lots of free and hospitable land elsewhere, while Kandalaksha lacked central heating, stores stocked passably well, and other benefits of civilization. Not even mosquito spray back then! Tomorrow they promise a crafts fair and then a concern with songs on drinking to cheer us up, and on Sunday some sort of public hearings on setting up yet another reserve or protected territory. Seems like I’m being dragged into this venture in the capacity of promote bird watching to you foreigners while I personally am increasingly skeptical about enticing you here. “Boycott the Sochi Olympics” is in the air. On top of all that I spent an hour scanning world news. I can live with things being scrap on 1/6 of the earth’s surface but when it gets global..

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  1. These were meant as joyful news. Today is the shortest day of the year but tomorrow it will be longer. And the next day even more longer. This Pasha character has a talent to impose his negative interpretation on everything.

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