Arctic Sunrise

The crew and journalists are still in detention and facing piracy (!!!) charges. They are in Murmansk, which is very close (by local scale 300km amounts to nothing) to Kandalaksha.

Journalists covering the story or supporters of the cause can count on my assistance (transportation, translation, snooping around) free or at cost. Given where things are going I will not risk my ass without there being a convincing reason to do that. Sorry world, I’m not hero material. 

You may want to send a letter to one of the Russian embassies.

Chinese style web management is here, and the Russian site of Greenpeace, with more news of the story, at times cannot be accessed from within Russia. If however you go to (down as of June 2015) or (free) or Hide My Ass ($10/month) type service, they will forge an IP address for you to allow bypassing restrictions.

PS. On Sept. 28-29 2013 the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (WCIOM)conducted a survey that revealed that 38% of Russians have never heard of the story, and of those who did 60% said that the authorities acted just right, and 8% thought they weren’t tough enough. Don’t fool yourself, it is not good people vs. evil government. Russia is just of these “different” societies from top to bottom and inside out. What a fool was I to come back here in ’93. My old man was telling me to go see a shrink about suicidal tendencies when I voiced the idea of coming back. Now I see that it indeed was a form of self-destructive behaviour, and the the old man wasn’t that far off at all.

PPS. Surveys conducted locally show overwhelming support for authorities. Russians love their government, and the tougher it acts the higher the support. At least that’s what numbers from a variety of sources show.

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