The Village of Keret’

From, author not indicated. St. Varlaam with the coffin of his killed wife.

Кереть_1Now nearly disappeared, Keret was one of the defining points of the region in the 16th century, and functioned as a village well into 1960s. Although the population is small (5?), enthusiasts of keeping Keret’ on the map are many, or at least quite energetic, and the village has active internet presence. St. Varlaam, the patron saint of the White Sea sailors, whose method of saving those about to go down consists of walking out of the mist, on water of course, with a large stick, and just beating people out of their despair into acting, was from Keret. I’ll spare the reader from the story of how he acquired his sainthood by killing his wife, burrying her, then digging her out, putting her on a boat, and paddling around the peninsula till she fully disintegrated. Oops, sorry, I did. But yes, that’s the patron sain of these places. Keret’ is by the sea, near Loukhi, and Loukhi is ~200km to Kandalaksha if travelling north. No, you won’t find anything touristy there but if you sensitive to things like spirits or ghosts Keret is full of them.

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