“The World of Leonard Cohen”, Murmansk, Dec. 13

leonard-cohenA Russo-Norwegian event held at the the Murmansk College of Arts at ulitsa Vorovskogo 14 on December 13, 2014, starting at 5pm.

I’m glad there are examples of cultural collaboration like that despite the Ukraine story and repeated Russian near-violations of Norwegian air space.

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“The World of Leonard Cohen”, Murmansk, Dec. 13 — 2 Comments

  1. Look up news articles December 5, 2014 about a Norilsk Mining Company train crew who deliberately chased and ran over a young brown bear in the railroad tracks at the mine. The bear was running in the tracks at night, in the lights of the train, trying to get out of the way. The train crew was shouting, laughing and joking as they ran over the defenseless bear with their Norilsk Nickel Company locomotive.
    Sources: Itar Tass; Siberian Times news; Moscow Times, The Telegraph (U.K.), December 5, 2014.
    I really hope a U.S. ballistic missiles submarine, in the Kara Sea, attacks Norilsk and wipes it off the face of the earth.

  2. I am an American and often I feel the same way about you guys blowing the idiots we have running this country into piles of shit. Chaney is a war criminal. The US has become a bad country. The internet has brought us close enough to feel the pain of others that wouldn’t be real without it. I have face book friends in Ukraine and it’s sad but it is good to care about each other no matter where in the world we are.

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