Translating and interpreting

Translating and editing, unless it deals with true literature, is too trivial to mention for the megalomaniac in me but since our cash flow situation is regularly/often/continuously on the sucky side I will mention that


These days I’m probably more fluent in forestry, biology, and nature in general than in business or electronics. See a list of recent or “significant” projects >> to get an idea where I can be expected to be fluent as a translator.

The rates are as before, $25-50/hour for intense interpreting, and $12-15 per page for translating.

Often, even when your Russian counterpart knows English well something hard to identify does not allow easy effective communication to happen. That’s another situation where I can be of assistance. Contact me if you need COMMUNICATION ENHANCEMENT CONSULTANT. I will gently prod both sides into not just using same words but getting in tune with each other.

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