New issue of Твой Рованиеми

The summer 2014 issue is here. See IN RUSSIAN 🙁  BUT HELPS TO GET ORIENTED IN FINLAND, WHICH IS A SOMEWHAT STRANGE PLACE, AND DON’T BELIEVE GUIDEBOOKS, THEY DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH THERE. AT LEAST NOT IN THE NORTH. The summer 2014 issue is said to have more info and stories about Nazi parking rules in Finland – one of several reasons I’m resisting the idea of driving there.

The other, deeper reason is that I find it uncomfortable being a Russian national abroad. Politeness aside, we’ve demonstrated that we are a nation of retards. Nothing new about evil government. It’s their nature to be evil. But the overwhelming popular support for the alpha dog is what threw me off. Today’s news was that they are making silver coins with his profile on one side and Crimea on the other. No, I won’t show my face in the civilized world.

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New issue of Твой Рованиеми — 2 Comments

  1. I spent a few weeks in norhtern Finland last summer, and had very few problems with people not speaking English. My contact with people was somewhat limited though, mostly hotel receptionists, waiters in restaurants, and petrol station attendants, but nearly all of them spoke very good English. One exception – the (only) petrol station in Savukoski, which, by the way, is the most sparsely populated municipality in Finland. (0.18 inhabitants per square km)

    • I pestered the Finns with perhaps excessively complicated questions like ordering auto parts, or the specifics of promoting each other with the Pello people who came to Kandalaksha as a delegation, or finding an all-around support person on their end. Yes, they all know numbers, and ordering a pizza was not a problem in Salla but by “speaking English” I was meaning something more involved than that. Their customs regulations/restrictions was one of the things. My auto is on the edge and I wanted to understand just where the line is after which I’d get taken off the road. Attempting to order olive oil soap from them didn’t work either, and I ended up getting it half the world away, from the good old United States, where they nearly always respond (even if to say no, can’t do it). One explanation is that we Russians offended them (the Finns) in a big way. But why silence?! I’ve run into American and Moldovan businesses who would refuse dealing with Russians. I understand that perfectly well. Been there myself. But this lack of response is somewhat I haven’t encountered before. You are right, it could be not the issue of language but of cummunication style. Too bad because they are close and have the goodies I need or even crave..

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