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Apparently big shit is brewing in Ukraine. I heard but disregarded recent news as just too bizarre to be true but here is a link to a summary, in English, of laws passed in the last few days >> 

Unlike Russians, Western Ukrainians don’t have the tradition of obedience and docility. They have been made slaves only in Catherine II’s times towards the end of the 18th century, and they haven’t been primed into it by Ivan the Terrible and Peter I.  Some of them in the very west of the country were sucked into Russia only after WW2. So there is still a considerable amount of resentment and fighting spirit left. Watch for big trouble coming.

..Still, I don’t get why these news are not present in western media. Could it be some sort of game by the Ukrainian opposition? In the convoluted Bizantinesque world of local politics such posibility can’t be ruled out either.

..Thought it was a hoax by the “opposition” to smear Yanukovich. Checked respectable western sources. The Guardian seems to confirm local reports in the Russian “free” media. I was really hoping the story was made up to score points but looks like it’s for real.

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