Umba business scene

Industry consists of fishing (poaching), berry and mushroom collection (but processing facilities are most conspicuously missing – a note for those looking for a business opportunity), and subsistence farming under conditions fundamentally unsuitable for growing things.

Active attempts to develop tourism are being made over the last couple of years.

I’m afraid I’m one of these hopefuls too, and I’m always eager to eek a few kopecks off you. I cater to private travellers or very small groups, travellers who are here or a reason, offer fixer type support etc. See Hire me or Categories > Services.

Anther note for business opportunity seekers: lots of minerals very close to the surface or right on it, or pits already opened but no processing facilities locally. Transporting them 2000km to Moscow makes no sense. Someone who comes here with stone-cutting equipment stands a chance.

… mention berry processing, opened granite pits, attempts to collect seaweed, sandstone, ametysts(????)

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Umba business scene — 2 Comments

  1. re: Manufacture of wild mushrooms cream of mushroom soup
    & re: bird watching guided tours from Rovaniemi, Finland to Kandalaksha.

    At Luvenga I would try manufacture of wild mushrooms cream of mushroom soup, vacuum packed in 340 grams (by weight) small cartons. This would also require locally produced fresh cream, onions powder, and garlic powder. Buy the mushrooms from local wild mushroom pickers.

    And not your idea of processing forest berries. Leave the berries for bears to eat. And don’t pick all of the wild mushrooms.

    The other idea is your idea of very small, guided, door to door, bird watching tours. Best is to do it from Rovaniemi, Finland to Kandalaksha.

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