Village of Chupa information center

Information Center of the Village of Chupa invites enquiries about the North-Karelian region.
Address: Ulitsa Korguyeva 7, office 8.
Tel./fax: +7 81439 41144
Mobile: +7 921 523 4498

Photo by Igor Georgievski

Chupa. Photo by Igor Georgievski

The Center is operated by the Karelian Regional Public Organization in Support of Sustained Development and Nature Protection “Basin Council of the North-Karelian Coast”.

There a traveller can get the following types of support:

– use of Wi-Fi

– document scanning and printing

– assistance in ordering train and air tickets online

– join trips and tours, arrange for services of local guides and travel operators

– participate in educational programs

– participate in sports trips

– attend lectures and seminars

– find out about tourist attractions and routes in the Chupa bay area of the White Sea

– receive reliable information on entering protected natural territories, fishing and hunting rules in the Loukhi district of Karelia, and on regulations that apply to small vessel use in the bodies of water located in the Loukhi district of Karelia

– join scientific expeditions as a volunteer

– receive free informational materials

The information center is open weekdays 10am to 5pm.


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