Visa support and registration

I’m still in a position to arrange a tourist invitation and a visa voucher without your paying for the hotel reservation or being under an obligation to stay there. $50 per set, issued by an accredited agency in Moscow and by a real hotel.

With business invitations it is also business as usual. Last time I arranged one it was just over $300 for one year multi-entry. Three month single entry I’m working on at the moment will cost the client $220.

I can help with invitations and hotel vouchers only to nationals of countries that are NOT on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “migration risk” list. These are all European countries, USA and Canada of course, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and a few other. If you are from a “migration risk” country I recommend you talk to a local agent with Russian experience.

After the move to Kandalaksha I can no longer do these in Moscow but can recommend you someone who will register you quickly and painlessly. Should be no problem doing a temporary registration for you in Kandalaksha. Probably same $80. These will be done to my Moscow address, which is good enough in most cases.

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