Visitng off-limit to foreigners and “close-to-border” areas

sredny-n-rybachy-2kildinPresently I’ve been studying rather intensely the situation with entry to restricted area for foreign travellers, namely to the Rybachy Peninsula and the island of Kil’din. As expected, encountering a bureaucratic mess. Not clear at the moment as to who is responsible for permits: FSB (a heir to KGB), or Border Patrol, or Federal Migration Services. The situation is further complicated by a very recent change of areas’ status into that of “protected territories”, which may put nature protection people in charge.

If interested in visiting these places watch for news here, under Attention foreign travellers. Updates on the subject should appear there very soon.

If per chance you know someone who recently travelled there, I’d love to speak with them.

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Visitng off-limit to foreigners and “close-to-border” areas — 3 Comments

  1. (1) Parts of Rybachy and Sredny are less than 50km from Norwegian border. Anything closer than 15-50km to the border requires a special permit.

    (2) Presence of the military on or near Rybachy and Kildin. That touches on foreigners and only foreigners.

    (3) Protected natural territories, although that imposes difficulties on Russians and foreigners alike.

    The above are official surface reasons. The deeper one is the tendency to control/prohibit, possibly as a permanent reminder to you of your place in life.

  2. re: Verkhniy Kil’din
    It was a military bases large island.
    They should declare it a zapovednik, closed nature reserve, closed to humans, and patrol it with drone aircraft out of Severomorsk.
    Wildlife should be left undisturbed there and no one allowed in.

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