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Over a couple of weeks I kept a list of site-related tasks, mostly done form my www.st-nina-kandalaksha.org client. The aim is to give you an idea of the kind of issues I can (and cannot) deal with.

  • Found, installed, and tested a fix for chaotically working post-dated posts
  • Installed the Russian spell checker for posts and comments
  • Installed collapsing categories, tested them, reinstalled, identified plugin conflict etc. till it all started working
  • Fixed a problem with youtube video not showing (extra code sneaked in)
  • Created a page for a sex services professional, with password-protected photos
  • Installed a share button to link a site to Russian’s leading social network vk.com
  • Added Google Maps
  • Added widgets to posts
  • Re-directed non-existing pages of an obsolete site to one page (thanks www.vanstechelman.eu for an small piece of code that actually worked; before I found it I followed ~10 different instructions, none any good)
  • Rearranged the order of sticky posts
  • Located and replaced the offending plugin that caused the site to go blank.
  • Accessed a government-blocked site; provided instructions.
  • Installed a simple classic near obsolete forum.
  • Set up the backup procedure that’s reliable but not time or resource consuming.
  • Assisted client with downloading a single 7gB backup file
  • Adjusted the position of a menu item
  • Inserted an imaged into the menu
  • Custom font and background colour in menu items
  • Manually removed huge images that paralized the site
  • Selected a reliable plugin to notify subscirbers of new posts
  • Set up a mailbox based on domain name
  • Set up a search bar on an .html site
  • Edited taxonomy and installed collapsing menu
  • Usability assessment and site improvement recommendations
  • extensive communications with the host about a mysterious e-mail issue
  • Arranged text into columns
  • Made a marquee work in WordPress posts, widgets, and headings
  • Manually cleaned code in a page gone crazy
  • Restored access to a site with lost access credentials
  • Cleaned up a neglected forum
  • Identified sources of spam and brute force attach, installed filters
  • Locked a site to made it into an information exchange platform for a small office.

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