“White fireweed” festival in Kukisvumchorr, Kirovsk

Yesterday took the ladies from workshop Bagryanitsa Kukisvumchorr to the festival, in the area of Kirovsk .


Here are some photos from the event:



The Kukisvuchmorr district has a distinct 70s feel about it. Basic.. Clean. Functional. Very few cars. No attempt at landscaping.

Sami souvenirs

Lovozero Saami souvenirs by craftsmen

bargyanitsa bags

Bagryanitsa stuff, mostly embroidered bags

field kitchen

Visitors to the fair were fed buckwheat Casha military-style “outdoor kitchen”

Roma tantsy-

By the end of the event, attnding treated Gypsies dance

A few more pictures from the Hope Schoor, Apatity

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