Winter holidays on the White Sea in Chupa, Karelia

An invitation from our friends

Chupa is a village in the Loukhi district of Karelia, on the White Sea coast. Easy to get to by train from Moscow or St. Petersburg.

The cost is 24 000 roubles per adult. Children 6-17 60% off. Chldren up to 5 free.

Or 1840 if you don’t use the services of a cook and take your own products.

Skis, skates, sleighs, ice fishing and banya, Xmas tree, Pomor Ukha (fish soup), aurora borealis, and the famous Beluga whales!

Call us at +7 953 537 3114 and +7 921 227 1158 or write to and


The cost includes

Local transportation
Three meals a day
Xmas party
Guide services
Accommodation in the guest house (3-4 persons per room)
Rental of skiing equipment
Rental of fishing tack
Karelian ukha cooking demonstration
Railroad tickets
visits to Beluga whales, photography, swimming with them
Top number of participants – 12Accommodation conditions:
3-4 persons per guest house
Houses have showers, toilets, sauna/banya
Three meals a day provided
We recommend you get to Chupa by train. All travels in the area are by mini-bus, or on foot or skis or by snowmobile.
Tours and entertainment:
Tours to the white whale establishment, swimming with white whales
skiing on forest and running skis
ice fishing
a group trip to the forst to get the Christmas tree
Forest tours, lake tours, White Sea shore tours
For children: skates, sleighs, inflatable sleighs, skis

The program:1st day 31 December Meeting of participants at the Village of Chupa train station. Accommodation in the Chupa guesthouses. No to plastic Xmas trees – off to the forest to find the most beautiful one. Pre- New Year banya, with diving into snow. Set the table and meet new year!2nd day 1st of January Tour of the village and of the White Sea coast. Taking photos on the sea coast. Possibly watching aurora borealis.

3rd day, Jan. 2 Ice fishing for burbot, a trip to Karelia’s great woods on hunter skis.

4th day, Jan. 3 Checking burbot trails. Workshop on preparing Pomor ukha (fish soup).

5th day, Jan. 4 A tour to white whales. A photo session or swimming with them for those who wish to!!

6th day, Jan. 5 Skiing in Northern Karelia forests. Possibly observing aurora borealis.
37th day, Jan. 6 Departure5


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