Winter is the Soul of Russia (c)

or Russian Misery Tourism (c)

The car and camper got an all around pre-winter check. Yesterday I filled all four cans with propane, and am testing the outfit for winter worthiness thoroughly over the weekend.

If anybody wants to do a winter trip either along the Tersky edge of Kola, or to Lovozero, or anywhere else, I’m game. I’m marketing this type of travel under the slogan of Winter is the Soul of Russia (c) although, realistically speaking, there is likely to be a lot of Russian Misery Tourist (c) in it.

Please write to (with a copy to and tell me just how you want to immerse yourself into two of this country’s main products, which are (a)snow, and (b) if not true misery, then prolonged discomfort for sure.

The vehicle is equipped with a 220v power supply (above)that consists of two batteries, two converters, and a generator. Redundancy supreme! There also is a warm toilet (below) and a few other things to make freezing in the tundra, surrounded by wolvesto make travel easy and even enjoyable. 
Basic bathing facilities can be easily arranged. A portable shower/outhouse designed to work in seriously sub-zero temperatures, will soon be ordered.

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Winter is the Soul of Russia (c) — 4 Comments

  1. I love the idea of travelling round a beautiful country in a camper but….at the moment I’m writing this on a balcony looking out onto the Aegean sea in 18-20C and watching the approaching rain. Somehow I can’t quite get my head round freezing my fingers off in the tundra, that is, if the wolves didn’t get them first! But good for you, guys, you’re brave people for trying to make it alive! And of course nice to know that whatever happens you at least have a warm and clean toilet/loo/john(surely an innovation in the Russian outback).

  2. You obviously have it made, congratulations. I have no choice but to entice travellers here although, privately, I confess this destination makes no sense. Cold, expensive, and its natural beauty is more than offset with decay and neglect and heaps of garbage or smokestacks all over. Don’t worry about wolves though. As of recent bears have become a bigger threat than wolves. I used wolves only because they better fit the picture I was trying to convey.

  3. Does your camper now have detectors for CO2, CO and smoke? The premature death of the “Un-Welcome Wagon” does not fit into my plans for the future.

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