“Winter War”

winter-war75 years ago today, Nov. 30 of 1939, the USSR attacked Finland thus starting the “Winter War”. The aim of the invasion was to annex the entire Finland but the results turned out much humbler. The Red Army had three times the number of soldiers and overwhelming superiority in tanks, artillery, and aviation.


Finnish skiers

Yet breaking though the line of fortifications known as the “Mannerheim line” turned out to be way more difficult than the Reds had anticipated.

Carl Gustaf Mannerheim in 1939

Carl Gustaf Mannerheim in 1939

The international community qualified the conflict as an aggression of USSR against Finland that lead to exclusion of the Soviets from the League of Nations.

International Brigade of the Finnish Army

International Brigade of the Finnish Army

According to the peace tready of March 13 1940 Finland had to give up part of the Karelian Isthmus (between the Bay of Finland of the Baltic sea and Lake Ladoga) and part of the territory east of Salla but maintained its independence. The result of Winter War of 1939-1940 was Finland’s participation in WW2 on Germany’s side in an attempt to recapture its lost territory.

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