Oh no not winter photos again

The saving grace was this giant frog that couldn’t go into hibernation, or perhaps a miniature merman, or one of these things that made even the Vikings fear these places, and go plunder France and England instead. It was, whatever it was, what convinced tireless Alexandra that it was enough ice and snow for one day. These – ice and snow – are her fetish in ways more serious when I realized when undersigning to move to beyond the arctic circle.

Floating off on one of these chunks used to be one of the most popular ways to dies here. Now, with helicopters and even the poorest of fishermen having mobile phones, loss of life is rare.

These photos will probably be used for my Russian Misery Tourism (c) and/or Winter is the Soul of Russia (c). I may be merging the two because, on analysis, long winter preceded by even longer dark and rainy fall, with a dirty spring and unpredictable, except for abundance of gnats and mosquitoes, summer, is a major direct and indirect contributor to Russia’s main output, misery. Weather extremes encourage extremes in behavior and wild changes in the state of mind, thus all these ruthless dictators, unruly population, and abundance of crazies and weirdos of all sorts. It all may have started from climate that does little to encourage easy gentle outlook on life.


Tidal waves and extreme variations in temperatures make the ice situation change fast. Kandalaksha and area is popular \among film makers looking for scenery for “horror in the snow” type film, eg. The Dyatlov Pass Incident about a group of hikers killed by a mysterious force.

This furunculi are made by stones crushing through ice during low tide although I’d love to make up a story about giant sand-worms.

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