Yacht race in near dead calm

yacht-race-1On June 30 the 15 yachts parcicipating in the Kandalaksha Bay regatta stopped in Kandalaksha and treated us to a race from the Monastery Cape to the Labirynth and back.

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The event was attended by a huge crowd of people accompanied by an unprecedented traffic jam.

Only a narrow road 2-3km long connects the Monastery Cape with the rest of the world, and very soon it was clogged by cars to the extent of making even pedestrian traffic difficult.yacht-race-2

The event was organized by the Chupa Sea Sailing Club. This tour happens yearly but the long stopover in Kandalaksha was scheduled for the first time. Here is Yuri Rybakov, the director of the Chupa Club:


The Kandalaksha Commercial Sea Port that is turning 100 this year sponsored the event.

Yachts from Chupa, Kandalaksha, Severodvinsk, Archangelsk, and Moscow participated.

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The whole regatta was dedicated to 158th year since the expedition by S.V. Maximov and publication of his book “A Year in the North”. The regatta in part followed the route that S.V. Maximov took in 1857 on a post boat from Kem’ to Kandalaksha.

Here is a film about the event:

Kandalaksha Yacht Club has also actively participated in this happening. Yacht Club offers travelers such entertainments.

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The race was accompanied by a fair with the usual selection of local artisans:



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