Yesterday’s photos from Kiev

This collection feels authentic:

I’m making a feeble attempt to predict how Russian policies may be changing. To this end I’ve turned the TV on two or three times today hoping to hear the official interpretation of the Ukraine story. Nothing. Not a word. Olympic games, a new movie about heros fighting evil Chechens, a 1945 comedy Heavenly Slug, and a nature show about sex lives of monkeys in Japan, some sort of a contest, and a film about clairvoiants was all I saw. Guess they too are busy making sense.

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  1. re: Viktor Yanukovych’s private zoo animals are starving to death

    News websites,, ITN, WASHINGTON POST, etc. report April 6, 2014 that former President Viktor Yanukovych’s private zoo animals, 2000 animals, are starving to death at his estate 20 kms. north of Kiev because no one has fed the animals! Volunteers are trying to help the animals. They don’t have any food, medicines, or veterinary help for the animals.
    The Ukraine State Veterinarian needs to go out to there immediately, with veterinary nurses, feed the animals, and sort out this mess!

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