Zelenoborsky accommodation

+7 926 270 8501, Boris, with three guest houses. That’s the only info our search genius Alexandra was able to dig up about the town of Zelenoborsky, ~60km south from Kandalaksha, in response to a request from a Finnish cyclist planning such a trip. No e-mail, no site, just telephone number..

..The owner, it turns out, has the Moscow State University White Sea Biological Station in his background, and offers, among other services, birdwatching. Details coming up.

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Zelenoborsky accommodation — 3 Comments

  1. Your “search genius” also insists on your adding info on accommodation options closest to Zelenoborsky. These are:


    in Kandalaksha, 55km north

    or south, in Chupa (89km), on the sea shore


    in Loukhi (106km south)

    Motel Loukhi
    Republic of Karelia, Loukhi district, the village of Loukhi, 8th km, tel. (81439) 2-19-69

    Hotel of Loukhi RSU
    Republic of Karelia, Loukhi district, village of Loukhi, ulitsa Sovetskaya 83, tel. (81439) 2-10-85 or 8 (814) 395-16-35

    Recreation base “Alfanordtur”
    Republic of Karelia, Loukhi district, village of Sofporog, tel. (81439) 2-76-93

  2. Here is a piece of feedback on this accommodation option from Timo Laine, the cyclist for whom I found the offer:

    The accommodation in Zelenoborsky was in fact located in Travyanaya Guba, about 10 km to the southwest from the St Petersburg–Murmansk Road. It’s a big and nice villa on the shore of Kovdozero. It can house a lot of people and there actually were other people staying there, but they happened to spend that night somewhere else. Boris had totally forgotten that I was coming. He expects visitors to contact him again a few days before arrival, even if you have already agreed on everything. I had made my reservation a month before and told him I won’t contact again before the day of arrival, as I will be on the road. Boris acknowledged his mistake and apologised several times for not having cleaned the place for me. He let me stay for free, so I have absolutely no hard feelings. The villa is a bit hard to find, but I was guided by telephone.

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